Home-Made Ways to Lighten Your Dark Knees



Home-Made Ways to Lighten Your Dark Knees

Maybe, some of us remember that we have dark knees when summer time arrives and we want to step out in the outdoors wearing shorts. We want to flaunt our stunning legs, but, oops! Dark knees wreck our plans. Fortunately, dark knees are not a medical condition, and they can be fixed in several ways. Both men and women can experience the issue. Here’s how to lighten knees:

Baking Soda Scrub

When the buildup of dead skin cells on knees is the cause of their darkening, baking soda may be an effective remedy. Typically, the dead skin cells react with oxygen in the air and turn dark. Thus, scrubbing baking soda on your knees on a regular basis can correct help lighten them. But you need to first create your baking soda paste by mixing the common household product with water. Next, paste the mixture on affected knees and let it stay there for around five minutes. Find out for further details on how to lighten knee right here.

After five minutes have elapsed, get your hands wet and begin to scrub the knee upon which baking soda paste has been applied. Keep scrubbing for 10 minutes or longer. Don’t worry about the possibility of scratching your knee skin since that part of your skin is usually tougher compared with the rest of your body. Be sure to scrub the two knees, and once you’re done, wash the baking soda paste away using water. You may dry the knees using a towel, but while they’re still slightly wet, apply a good amount of moisturizing cream.

The baking soda paste treatment can be repeated every day for at least two weeks. If you keep doing it consistently, you’ll notice that your knees are getting appreciably lighter by around the 14th day or so. After the initial 14-day period of daily baking soda paste therapy, you may switch to doing it every other day. You may stop once the desired knee lightening effect has been achieved.

Other Remedies

Oatmeal, Vaseline, and almonds are also household consumer items that may be used to lighten dark knees. The good thing with these remedies is that they’re easy to source, and they provide you with more options, depending on what exactly is the factor behind the darkening of your knees.

You don’t have to endure dark knees as you step out to enjoy your summer. And if you’re interesting in learning how to lighten your skin, you can start with baking soda paste scrub. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_whitening for more information.


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